We offer a European based curriculum and content suitable for schools and teachers that needs the right tools and knowledge to perform the best physical education possible for students. Learn how to make the most out of each session, and see beyond your environment and limitations.

Physical education can inspire physical activity in all aspects of life and inspire lifelong enjoyment of being physical active. Physical activity is important for everyone as this fosters good health and good values.

The physical activity culture, such as play, sports, dance and outdoor life is part of how we establish our identity in society and what we have in common. Physical use of the body to enhance individual sensing, experiencing, learning and creating. The social aspects of physical activities mean that physical education is important for promoting fair play and respect for one another.

Learning in the subject will provide pupils with a point of departure for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and a sense of mastery based on own skills and ability levels.

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Introduction to PE
Course introduction to physical education for teachers
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PE level 1-3
A complete three year training for physical education teachers
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